Saturday, December 24, 2011

9:25 pm

2011 and First Sem in NUS

Its been a long time since I last blogged. And for a good reason. Time has not been on my side since I started my first semester in NUS. My Computer Science major I feel is heavier than the average in NUS baring the extremes like medicine and law. Spent many sleepless nights throughout this semester, no thanks to my 2 Maths modules.

Speaking of which here are my grades.

CS1010 A+ (Programming Methodology: C Language)
CS1231 B (Discrete Maths)
MA1521 B (Calculus for Computing)
LSM1302 B (Genes and Society)
PS1101E A- (Intro to Politics)

CAP for this Sem is an exact 4 out of a possible 5. Including my Special Term IS1103's A- brings the figure up to 4.08. I would say these results are within but on a low end of my expectations. Was hoping for at least a B+ for CS1231 and LSM1302. But I guess the rest of the NUS ppl in those modules did not leave much of the bell curve for me.

The A+ for CS1010 was a pleasant surprise for me. At the risk of bragging, I was confident I would get at least an A considering I scored at the top 25% for 60% of the assessment prior to the finals. But an A+??? Anyway, scoring was made easier since many of the top CS freshmen opted to take a tougher introductory course in Scheme (CS1101S). However, I'm willing to make a silent bet that this will be my first and probably last A+ I will get in my NUS education. This A+ furthers my regret that I chose not to take H2 Computing in JC. CS1010 is almost similar to it, I should have gotten an A in BOTH.

B for CS1231 was a letdown. Considering the time put into studying and the project video, it was not worth it at all if it wasn't my core module. The start of this module was hell. So many unknown weird symbols, and hell I was thought to prove why 1 + 1 =2. Its 2 dammit! The numerous foreign freshmen who seemed to have studied these in detail beforehand turned up the pressure cooker. And saying the "Proof is omitted" in every other proof just turns up the heat even more. The only respite was the fact that things got slightly easier as the semester neared its end.

MA1521's content in general is like an extension to H2 Maths. In terms of the concepts to study, they number close to the entire A Level Maths. So the difficulty of H2 Maths crammed into one semester. Welcome to University life! Its the opposite of CS1231. Start easy with a revision of H2 Maths then progressively getting harder and harder until my jaw nearly drops just before the finals. Made worse by the rusting of my brain during NS.

LSM1302 aka GEK1527 is considered my core module since I have to clear 3 science modules as part of my degree requirement. This module is taught by one very energetic lecturer. I assure you, you will not fall asleep during his lecture unless you purposely want to. Having zero academic background in Biology, this module is a real eye opener to stuff like DNA, cloning and their impacts on society. In one of the assignments, I had to make a brochure educating the public on Huntington's disease. Brought out a little part of my creative side. But the finals despite being MCQ-based was very tough and competitive. Would be happy to take this module as part of my GEK requirement. The Core sticker made me slightly dislike it.

PS1101E aka GEK1003 is taught by a very comedic Japanese Prof. Never fails to make the entire LT laugh at some point during his lecture. He spins jokes out of political leaders/academics yet drives the point clearly through. This module is competitive as many FASS students take it to satisfy their exposure requirement. Unless your English is superb, I say stay away from this module and any other English-based FASS modules for that matter if you want an A. Even though I got A for my GP in the A Levels and being a former debater, I was no match to the rest of the FASS majors. I guess my A- was just on a "scrap through" basis. I'm minoring in Political Science btw hence this module.

Having gotten the A+ in CS1010, I more than qualify for the accelerated CS2020 next Sem. A 2-in-1 6MC module that is even tougher than CS1101s. Hellish module? Oh yeah! Why I intend to take it? Just to challenge myself and to gauge myself with the rest of the "elite" freshmen in the CS department. Oh, I guess that means more sleepless nights coding away... Looking forward to more panda eyes next Sem...

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Hi, do you happen to have past year papers for LSM1302? If you dont mind, can you share them with me pls? I can be contacted at Thanks in advance.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 February 2014 at 2:29 pm 


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