Sunday, November 08, 2009

12:26 pm

One more year to ORD!

Wasn't that long ago that I crossed my first 6 months in the army, now, its less than 365 days left before the pink IC is back in my possession again. Time passes very fast indeed, its like JC. Not long ago I was in the PAE period, receiving my A Level results came soon after the blink of an eye.

Despite this, I'm still undergoing part of my vocational training. Yes, almost one year on, I'm still not fully trained! And I'm just a man. The fourth course (after BMT, Signals and driving) I'm undergoing now is basic vehicle maintenance and repair. Most of my friends who enlisted in April and posted as a man have already finished all their training. And here I am, still on course. Unfortunately, I have no skills pay. Sianzz...

Otherwise, I like my vocation. It isn't as physically demanding as others and yet I get to learn lots of stuff that can be applied outside. The key is, it isn't boring. No offence to some, but I think guarding a military camp for 1-1/2 years will drive me nuts. Chionging every week with camo and SBO attire is also too much for me to bear.

ORD! You inch closer every passing day...

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8 Nov 09, 22:08
wjc: haha.. ya i agree .. i rather be outside peniless than having tat "stable income"

10 Nov 09, 23:31
andy: wjc u can say that now cos ure not penniless but wait till u really are let's see if you'll eat ur words. and to you, ppl cant choose their vocations so.. ure just comforting yourself just cos u didn

10 Nov 09, 23:31
andy: even manage to get into sispec. tsk tsk

12 Nov 09, 13:08
wjc: erm...I said no to command sch ...And i think u got me wrong.. wat i meant was i rather stay in sch to study ... which in effect means that u dun earn anything ..

15 Nov 09, 10:37
Chwee: true indeed, but the grass always look greener on the other side, be careful what u wish for, uni might not be that big a stress reliever as compared to army haha

15 Nov 09, 21:45
kwek: wa. one more year to ORD sia. I dun even know how long more till that sacred day.

The income we get as NSFs is measly for man. Not that we can afford to go without it. The pay we get right now although higher than 30-40 years ago is actually lower in real terms. Inflation has sped ahead faster than NSF's pay has risen. In this case, I would prefer to work outside and get more pay. Even if the pay is the same, I dun mind since the freedom is there and thats the key.

To wjc, I think Andy's statement on SISPEC is meant for me. Its precisely we can't choose our vocations, thats why I phrased my words in that manner. In summary:I feel fortunate to be a vehicular signal operator. As for comforting myself, laughs! That time has long gone and past since I'm from the January batch.

I wrote that way in the previous post because I met a minority number of commanders who seem to think they deserve that rank and that their men are inferior for not entering command school. They throw their newly-acquired powers around as if the men owned them a living. Even though we are way more experienced then them in certain areas.

Agree with Chwee on that one. Heard from many uni friends that the stress is actually on par with JC with the high influx of eager foreigners. My dad also mentioned that he viewed his NSF and reservist period as a break from his work and studies. Just follow or give simple orders. Dunnid to think so much compared to civilian life.

Dun worry lah kwek, its fair what. When I was slogging in BMT, you were out in the civilian world taking a long deserved break after A Levels. I will get mine, just later... Then I will flash all of you April guys my pink IC while all of you are still in green! Wahaha!

By Blogger yeokm1, at 15 November 2009 at 10:15 pm 


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