Wednesday, October 08, 2008

8:24 pm

General 20: The most general post

Could not think of a more appropriate name for this post. Just lots of events happened this last few days but no time to blog, so the pictures shall tell the story.

My Prelims results slip but no absolute marks on it. My projections regarding the percentiles was totally correct. Very extreme. Half my subjects exceed 90 percentile with the other half below the school's median. In short, my results especially the H2s suck. So what if I top the H1 subjects in my class, the additional rank points they provide hardly make a dent in my overall results.

This is from the top scorer in my class. The person's name is withheld on his/her request although its quite obvious who that is. The H1/H2 results are almost a flip from mine. In a more pragmatic level, this piece of paper is way more with it than mine. Our class too also ranked 6/37 with an average rank points of 48.2. Good job everyone!

I tried to take pictures of all the slides but this was the only one I could catch given the principal's fast pace. My GP percentile has dropped slightly from the mid years, from the table and the fact that killerzephyr won be by ONE mark, its easy to see why. Since I scraped 60, my GP should be ranked about 15/839 in school.

All in all, its no point longing about how much I should have done to not deserve such results. Its time to look forward to the A Levels which are in a few weeks.


My family received the new Motorola Rizr Z8. Its one of my dream phones since I mentioned it way back in June last year. But to to a change in circumstances, I won't be able to use it till after NS, which in effect, means I will never use it at all.

So here are the pictures of my dream phone which is so close yet to far.

Front view of the Symbian UIQ 3.1 based phone. You can view the full spec compariosn and some comments on its functionality in my review of the ZINE ZN5.

The slider looks normal when closed.

When opened, it does what no other slider can do, curve along the contours of your face!

What a waste! But fortunately, I won't be distracted by spending countless hours customising the phone's settings.


The Police Tactical Unit under the Special Operations Command is in charge handling riot and disaster management in Singapore. Nothing special about it until you see one of the red vehicles under it charge.

Known affectionately as the "Ang Chia" or red vehicle in Hokkien, it is one of the most recognisable vehicles by older Singaporeans. Whenever there were any riots, these vehicles would arrive promptly at the scene to contain the situation.

I first heard of such vehicles not in any historical accounts but by Singabloodypore on the anti-Odex protest. Therefore, I was so surprised to see two of them for the first time at the Serangoon Gardens Circus. Dunno what they were doing there, considering that we have a ban against demonstrations in peaceful Singapore.

I just found on the web a blog post dedicated to the various anti-riot vehicles used around the world. Do take a look!


The picture below is of my suspected-to-be-failed graphic card.

ASUS 64MB Geforce 6200SE Turbocache up to 256MB (PCI-Express x16)

That is exact manufacturer, model name and type. Before its removal, my computer had to be rebooted several times before it can reach the initial Power-on self-test procedure. Even then, it was a 50-50 chance the test would complete successfully. Then it would be the Windows XP/Fedora Core 9 startup sequence which has an 80% chance of completion. Upon logging in and starting my standard startup programs, the chance of hanging would be 30%. Once fully loaded, my com has a probability of hanging 10% of the times.

With such a dire situation and my productivity at stake, I had to diagnose the problem. I experimented and narrowed down the problem to the graphic card. An unlikely candidate since it showed no problems, but the fact was the problem totally stopped when I removed it for some days now.

So it could be either a component fault on this card or an electrical fault with the PCI-Express expansion bus. I wouldn't know unless I swap with another card which I do not have. For now, I have to contend with the extremely backward integrated ATI Radeon X200 which eats up 64MB of my system RAM. Games like Half-Life 2 and NFS: Most Wanted work at barely playable 20+FPS even at the lowest quality settings.

So for now, I'm saving up to get another Nvidia card. Hopefully, it shall be the 256MB DDR3 Geforce 8600 GT. At about a hundred bucks, I can greatly enhance my gaming experience after the As. So save now, for months...


This morning was the 2nd Vice Presidential Debate between John McCain and Barack Obama. Lazy to comment so I just embed the Youtube video here. I have also written about the first Presidential debate and the only Vice-Presidential Debate.


Something that I must write here at the end. I know many people have known or inferred about the life-changing process I experienced. I dun really care about all of you teasing and such. If so many people suspect it to be true, it probably is.

So yesterday was madness cos I have never done so many crazy stuff before. So you say "forbidden fruit is the sweetest kind" huh? Going places in secret, spending 45 times the duration to obtain just 20s of experience is utter nonsense in my traditional beliefs. But it was really worth it in the end.

(Please dun get any wrong ideas if you dun understand this section.)

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