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Recently watched videos

This holidays are supposed to be used for studying for the prelims. But not all the time is used for mugging purposes for me. Here are some of the most interesting and educational videos I have watch so far.

1. One Nation Under Lee (46mins)
2. Maid Trade in Singapore (20.5 mins)
3. Hitler and ERP woes (4mins)
4. Asia's Baby Crisis (Total 21mins)
5. F-35 in Die Hard 4 (10mins)
6. Reviews (Clone Wars and Wall-E)

1. One Nation Under Lee

This video is rated the number one video most likely to be banned by Singapore censors by Singabloodypore. You can download the high quality version from the "official" website here.

At 46mins, it may appear time-consuming for some. But trust me, videos such as these can really give you a new perspective of Singapore. (I believe it was made with significant input from the SDP.)

I quote from the official site "The materials in this film are not those you can find in our history textbooks".

2. Maid trade in Singapore (20.5 min)

This video is disabled from embedding by the author. So you have to watch it on the Youtube's website here.

Though I do not have a maid at home, it is disheartening to see some Singaporeans treat their maids in this manner. First time I have heard of that the amount of pay is partially determined by the maid's nationality.

3. Hitler and ERP woes (4min)

A parody of the Singapore transport system using scenes from a Hitler movie.

4. Asia's Baby Crisis (in the perspective of Singapore)

(The second video is more beneficial)

Part 1 (11:34)

Quote:" The fertility rate is also linked to the number of times of intercourse. In Singapore, the likely reason is that people are just too stressed to have sex. They are too tired at the end of the day. So the number of the times of intercourse has dropped as well. So fertility rate is directly linked to that."

Not surprising. The French have the highest fertility rate in Europe of 1.98. They have sex 2-3 times a week on average. Singaporeans only "do it" 2-3 times a month, no wonder our birth rate is only 1.08. What else to blame? Stressful jobs plus high costs of living, the most effective steriliser for both sexes in the world today.

Part 2 (10:50)

Got this from theonlinecitizen.

The first part is a rehash of what we have already known while the second is a discussion by some experts. It is definitely an embarrassment to the local media that an Arab-based Al-Jazeera news agency can do a better job in covering this "crisis". The three-part series by CNA was not up to mark in my opinion.

5. F-35 in Die Hard 4 (10mins)

Nothing to do with politics. But a useful addition since I just talked about the F-35B two posts ago. Die Hard 4 is probably the first movie that showcases the F-35B in action. But believe none of the exaggerated hovering sequences in it. It is impossible for such an aircraft to be so agile in VTOL mode.


I just watched the two newest animated movies to hit Singapore. Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Wall-E. (I shall only talk about my opnions since the storylines can be easily obtained from a Google search or Wikipedia.)

Only the trailer is available now. All full versions of the full movie have been taken down. But there are still "other" ways to obtain it.

For the Clone Wars, an utter waste of money at the cinemas if you are not a Star Wars fan. The entire movie was jam-packed with non-stop action sequences of Droids vs Jedi and stormtroopers. Little effort was made to discuss the underlying storyline and character development.

Since it was many years since after Episode 3 was screened, I through it would be appropriate to jiggle the memory of views instead of jumping directly into the fray. You definitely have to recall the events in Episode 2 and 3 to fully grasp the complexities of the plot. If not, the only parts you can enjoy are the lightsabre duels and massive clashes between armies with no idea what the hell are they fighting for.

The conventional long-worded intro was replaced with short snippets of the various plots in the movie. A welcome change to some, but I felt it was too fast for my liking. Still prefer slow-scrolling words with the ever so familiar John Williams score.

This standard of this movie is a huge disappointment to me. It is as if LucasFilm wants to milk more money out of Star Wars fans after officially ending the story at the 6 episodes. Really makes me think twice about watching future productions. On the other hand, the 2D Clone Wars MINI-SERIES was very well made and humorous. You can watch them free on Youtube.

Actual trailer time 2:30. You can watch the full movie here.

For Wall-E
, I feel it takes an entirely opposite approach to Clone Wars. Less on action, lots of emphasis on character (or robot you may say) development. Very smooth transitions between places. Subplots are practically non-existent. This simple and linear storyline easily appeals to both children and adults alike.

Values such as determination, courage and love as embodied by Wall-E is really worth emulating. A very educational and easy to understand show to young children. Adults too can take this as a breather from the usual violence-oriented movies screened today. Even the Clone-Wars is too violent for a targeted under-13 audience.

I dunno what more to say since its quite an emotional show. An animated movie not to be missed!

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