Sunday, August 31, 2008

11:59 pm

Human Race 10k + Birthday celebration

Edit 1 (4/9 8.55pm): Added race progress timings

I completed my first long distance 10km run! Its a significant milestone for me as I have NEVER attempted such a long distance run before.

Results obtained from Nike+ Human Race 10k website. 1 hour 15mins 43s! Placing 5333 in Singapore, 174300 in the world.

0.0-2.5km ---- 6mins 58s/km -- 2.39m/s
2.5-5.0km ---- 7mins 32s/km -- 2.21m/s
5.0-7.5km ---- 8mins 41s/km -- 1.92m/s
7.5-10.0km --- 7mins 06s/km -- 2.35m/s

The average time for Singapore is 1:13'59. Although under average, it is the completion that counts.

Early glimpse of finish line at the Padang. (before the run)

No pictures from here on till after the race. The start line was extremely crowded. Plus, we had to wait for about 20mins under the sweltering heat before we could start, we wetr already sweating even before the flag off. Then when we flagged of, we have to squeeze between a two-lane barrier so the floor mats there can register our start time from the RFID ChampionChip. Fortunately, this was not as bad as when we had to wait 4 hours for our race pack collection last Sunday.

It was relatively congested for the first 1km. At one stretch, all of us had to run through a narrow single lane. With my small stature, I almost fell several times from the frequent elbowing from the "larger" participants.

The route cleared up after the 1.5km mark. Congestion would only be repeated at the 3 water points and race mats spaced 2.5km apart. I really admired those race officials who were relentlessly pouring water/100Plus into the disposable cups for us at each water point. Then plus the litter which we just discarded, a huge logistical nightmare for any race organiser.

The longest I have previously ran was 5km. After I passed the second water point, I knew it was uncharted territory for me. Started to walk alot after 6km. It was here that I caught up with Yan Chao and Hong Hao caught up with us. Chatted with them for awhile, before revving up speed and losing them for good. Was alone all the way to the end. Nice view along the Singapore river at the last stage though.

Resting at the end point at last!

Group pics with most of us wearing our finisher's bracelet.

First time or not, everyone completed the 10k in the end. Many thanks to Cheryl and Hui Jie for helping us take care for our bags. We did not dare try for the possibly unreliable baggage service. Thank you girls!

The blue wrist tag and the (cheapo) finisher's bracelet. Blue tag wearers were supposed to finish under 65mins. My 76mins finish certainly did not make the mark. But who cares?


Went to Fish and Cole later for our celebratory dinner. My first time eating at this famous outfit too.

The prices of the food there were really out of my reach. Luckily Yan Chao was willing to share half of his New York Fish and Chips portion with me so dunnid to pay so much.

What's next was unexpected! Many people were celebrating birthdays with all of them standing on the chair. With my birthday being the closest, my class saboed me for it too.

Me with the sparkler.

And this (very large) slice which I had to finish up. Really one of the best chocolate cakes I have eaten in my life! Thanks 0713 for it!

Took a picture of the reciept for fun. No wonder it was so good, $6.50 for just that slice!

A final class picture outside.

Ah yes. Some of the guy(s) treated me to an alcoholic drink as part of the turned-18 ritual.

I only drank 1/4 of it, the rest was happily gulped down by the guys. Having totally no experience with alcohol, I did not dare risk getting drunk even if its just 8% content. I kept the bottle as a nice souvenir.

I think mine should be the most unique birthday celebration ever from my class. It was totally unexpected unlike the rest. And one of the few celebrated outside of school. Thanks to everybody!!! (Thankfully, for the second time running, no Cindy to smash me with cake!)


The last picture I am including here was taken during the Teacher's Day celebration last Friday.

A picture taken using Weimin's gf's instant Polaroid camera. I have heard of it before but it was my first time seeing it in action then.

Hopefully, a lasting souvenir for our CT Mr Pun!

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