Monday, August 11, 2008

8:43 pm

General 17: 20" wLCD + Worst Hiccups!

How many of you possess a large 20inch LCD monitor? And a widescreen version at that? Well, I am proud to say I one of the proud owners of such a display now! Take a look below.

Use the GC as an approximate gauge of its size.

Here's a screenshot of my desktop at the maximum supported 1680 x 1050 x 32bit x 60Hz resolution.

The more I look at it, the more mesmerised I am by this gorgeous beauty! Now begs the question, where did I get this? Well, I recieved a call from my uncle yesterday about a faulty monitor and whether I would like to have it. You know me lah, I jump at every opportunity when I hear of tech stuff. So he generously drove down to hand it to me.

It worked fine yesterday. But when I turned it on today, I realised why he said it was faulty. The display when turned on each time, would flicker continuously and then switch off. I had to power-cycle the monitor about 10 times before it could maintain a static display. Even then, it would switch off intermittently without warning.

Nevertheless, this disadvantages are still within acceptable limits. Tried gaming Half Life 2 at a 16:10 resolution and the feeling was of euphoria! Sadly, my graphics card did not have the horsepower to play at the max settings and both Most Wanted and Jedi Outcast did not have widescreen resolutions. I better make the best use of it while it lasts!

P/s to chao: Hope you understand now why I cannot give you this monitor. I can't lend you the extra one in my house either as this "faulty" one can fail anytime too. Very sorry!


Hiccups have universally been experienced by every human being on Earth. I have been prone to hiccups since young. But this weekend proved to be the most suay for me.

When I woke up on Saturday, I had a very dry feeling in my throat. I knew from experience that a persistent cough and runny nose would keep me company for the rest of the day(s). And so it did, I was coughing throughout the day. Never expected the hiccups to join in. To add to my discomfort, I had diarrhoea after dinner, probably due to chicken rice my parents "dapaoed" for lunch. So I was in the toilet shitting, coughing, sneezing and hiccuping. What a combination!

I tried a whole slew of remedies for the hiccups. Like holding my breath at timed intervals, gulping down hot water quickly etc. Sometimes, they worked. But the cough reversed my progress almost immediately. But the worse is yet to come.

After my Sunday night shower, I set about my weekly shaving. That hiccup chose to "activate" at the crucial moment I was starting. The pulse through my body shook my hand and I accidentally cut my lips with the razor blade. Grr.... Had to clean up the mess of blood at the tap. Grrr....

That still not the worse. In fact, this is the worse pain any guy can experience. (Any guy should be able to guess what is that liao.) I was showering just a few hours ago when I fell. Slippery toilet floors plus powerful hiccups dislodged my footing and I fell onto the raised kerb partition. So here goes, I fell parallel onto that 5cm wide kerb.

I highlighted "parallel" for a reason. If you dunno, lemme spell it out... My manhood experienced the first direct contact with that kerb followed by my chest (I tilted my head back in time). After an initial shock, a sharp pain shot through me which made me wince silently for the next 10 minutes. Luckily my chest absorbed some of the impact and I did not fall onto a tap or something which would have concentrated the impact. If those cases happened, my "package" would certainly have been crushed and I can bid Father's Day goodbye. Ok, enough said. (Its not exactly my first time being hit between the legs. And I'm pretty sure myself that Day is still within my reach :) )

Now, with a slight ache "there" serving as a painful reminder, I'm surfing the net on how to cure hiccups. This website looks promising. I'm now trying out most of the ways. As of now, I'm still hiccuping. Anyone with any tried and tested cures? I certainly DUN WANT a REPEAT to that incident or anything else that would threaten my manhood! (Speaking of which, that should be the 101th reason why its better to be a girl!)

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