Thursday, July 24, 2008

9:27 pm

Results + %*&!>'[]

The CT period today was used for releasing the mid year results. Although we knew it long ago, its no harm getting a wake up call from the principal Mr Kwek.

My results with percentile.

Three subjects at more than 90+ percentile and the remaining two H2s drop until dunno where. A very huge (absolute) improvement over my block test results. In fact, the only subject that I deproved was GP! I have 62 now over 63.5 then, nevertheless, my percentile increased to 99.4% from 99.1%. That places me in the region of about 6 to 7th position in the entire GP cohort of 846!

None from our class made it into the honour role. But Annis, my former PW groupmate, got one of the most improved awards. Now, thats something to cheer about.

Look at the GP results man! I'm one of the B contributors! I just hope I can sustain this till the prelims and possible get an A in the A-Levels.

I know some people are "jealous" about my GP results and want to know my secret formula. Lets be frank here, as with all other subjects, there is no secret formula. You have to read extensively and write regularly to improve. Mr Seah (former debate teacher-in-charge) wrote an interesting piece on the GP mid-years that should probably enlighten you.

Now for the core subjects. Seems Physics is more badly done than Chem. Who cares if I scored the other way round?

Our class was also ranked the 3rd out of 37 classes with a mean rank points of 43.0/80. Thats awesome everybody! Not forgetting I got second in class (tie with Chek Keng at raw 57.5 rank points). Cheers to myself too!

Well, as to the first in class, take a look

(Uploaded with Yan Yu's permission)

Its actually 60.0 pure rank points. Keep it up!


As you have seen the second part of my title, there is more stuff here which I simply cannot think of a title for. You see, at the end of Physics lecture today. The cheeky dudes, Hong Hao and Chuen Hwee started "scandalising" Yan Yu and I again.

HH started of with "有好消息为什么告诉我们?" Then I knew something was gonna happen liao. It probably started because Yan Yu was sitting beside me in the lecture. Before long, Chuen Hwee jumped into the fray "accusing" both of us for not releasing the news that we were "together". (utter nonsense of course).

The "fun" started in the next Maths lecture. They wanted to "test" us by leaving an empty seat beside Yan Yu. Of course, I deliberately chose a seat far from my "allocated position". Under complaints from Chwee, I vacated to the first row. But some nugget (probably HH) took my bag and placed it on my "allocated seat". With no one willing to retrieve my bag, I had no choice but to sit there till the end of the lecture. (All the remaining seats in the row were filled up surprisingly quickly.) I sulked all the way till the next break.

As if the picture saga in May was not good enough, I would never thought my classmates would once again resort to such tactics to tease us yet once more. Its not just today, ever since the end of the mid years, I practically have to bear with such remarks and scandalous comments on a daily basis. But I did not lose my temper because I know its all in the name of fun. But to do this kind of thing despite our repeated assertions that there is nothing between us is really overboard!!!!!

To raise a few examples in this week, Gabriel shouted while I was talking to YY "Don't flirt with Yan Yu!". Wei Han likes to mention her name in a "feminine" manner in the hopes of "enticing" me. Guo Hao even asked me in such a serious tone that spooked me "Have you considered YY to be your girlfriend?" Then dunno who accused (in a joking manner) YY for misusing the GP fund to buy batteries for my laser pointer. Another (forgot who liao) was even more blatant " You see YY will erect anot?"

Most of the girls did not take part. But before the Assembly started today, as John was considering to fill the place beside me. Huixin remarked "I thought that place was for YY?" Then I was like "Not even you???????!!!!!!!"

Ok, the answers to all of the the above questions are a NO, NO, NO! And especially for the erect question. As a teenage male, I am bound to have my own fair share of spontaneous hard-ons and "morning wood", sometimes in awakard moments. But none has been attributed to her. Is that the answer you want, thats the answer lor!

I had a short convo about this issue with Chuen Hwee after the reading programme yesterday. He said it was due to us sitting beside each other for so many lessons. Thus its natural for people to assume... What the crap? Seating positions dun say much, if at all. If you notice, the front row is mainly occupied by Hong Hao, Amos, Cindy, Yan Yu, myself plus an occasional Chek Keng, John and Jia Rong. Since HH and Amos, CK and John, Cindy and Yan Yu are cliques, that does not leave me much of a choice of a sitting position. This plus a couple of other timing/arrival factors, the probability that I will sit beside Yan Yu will be reasonably high. Ain't it? Satisfied???

My classmates are seriously scandal obsessed. There are others like Chwee and wjc, HH and Cheryl, YY and Weiliang previously. But none has matched the scale of Yan Yu and I. Please ladies and gentlemen of 0713, grow out from your childish mentality. Fun is fun. But please know the limits. I simply dunno why this can be heavily sustained over so many months with no sign of abating. A-Levels coming already still can muster energy to tease people.

Am I missing something my classmates can see compatible between us? After more than 1.5 years of close friendship with her, I certainly don't feel anything more than being normal friends. I hope the rest of the class will follow suit in recognising this fact.

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