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Notable anime episodes

Edit 1 (21/6 2.15pm) : Added GITS 2nd Gig Ep 10 and 18.

Edit 2 (27/6 9.21pm) : Added Gundam Seed Ep 1 and 13 for the Invoke theme, removed 26.

This post has lots of videos. If your computer is taking too long a time to load my blog, click HERE to just load this post.

With the nearing of the Mid-year examinations, I am putting my blogging on hold. So to satisfy my readers over the days after my mid-years, I am including several memorable episodes of the anime I have watched over the years. Enjoy!

These are in the order which I have seen them.

1. Gundam Seed (2002)
2. Argentosoma (2000)
3. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (2002)
4. Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd Gig (2004)
5. Gundam 00 (Not related to Gundam Seed) (2007)
6. Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995)

If you are lazy to watch all, I recommend Gundam Seed Episode 14, 27 and GITS 2nd Gig Ep 4 and 18. None anime watchers can also view them. These are specially chosen so they do not need any prior knowledge of the anime

There are of course other anime like Death Note (2006) and Ergo Proxy (2006) which I have watched but did not embed as one should watch the anime in its entirety to appreciate it. The worst is Gundam Seed Destiny (2004) with its haphazard storyline. The girls in Starship Operators (2005) were abit too skimpy in their wardrobe. Elfen Lied (2004)? Trying to erase it from my mind...

Except for 2 episodes, all of the anime episodes here are English-dubbed. I prefer English-dubbed versions if they are available as I can better understand their tones/emotions. Its just a personal preference lah. From all I have seen, Ghost in the Shell and Argentosoma are very well dubbed. So good that I feel they are better than the Japanese seiyus.

There are also some problems with embedding so many videos. If some refuse to load, you can just refresh this post only by clicking here. Its all right if the videos take awhile to load, just be patient. Or try to watch them in the day. The Imeem servers are very slow at night.


Gundam Seed Ep 1 (Introduction)

I guess this Gundam Seed section will be incomplete if I do not include at least one episode with the classic Invoke theme.

"First layer traversed. Decelerate to Mach 4. Trajectory good. 28 seconds until termination of cooling stage. Commence aerodynamic control. This is Alpha 1, confirming weapons loaded and ready to fire. Bravo 2, Charlie 3, Delta 4! Second layer traversed. We are about to deal a severe blow to those still clinging to the planet's surface. Last layer of turbulence, decelerating to Mach 0.9. Cooling stage ceased, altitude good. May fortune smile upon us. Activating program to send coordinates. Ok... Here we go! For ZAFT (x3) !"

"Year 70 of the Cosmic Era. tensions were mounting between the Earth and the ZAFT organisation. Due to the bloody Valentine tragedy, these tensions suddenly escalated into a full-scale war. It seemed a foregone conclusion that the Earth Forces with its superior numbers would be victorious. But these initial assessments proved to be false. Almost 11 months have past since the conflict began, with no end in sight. "

The classical Invoke theme starts!!!

This episode is obviously an introduction although not a very good one if you just see this sole episode. A war is going one between ZAFT which are made up of Coordinators (genetically-modified people) and Earth (made up of natural humans). Jealous Naturals and elitist Coordinators instigated the war.

In this episode, ZAFT agents infiltrate a supposedly neutral Heliopolis (one of the many Earth-orbit satellites, not affiliated with ZAFT) to steal prototype mobile suits from the Earth Forces.

The lives of Kira Yamato and Athrun Zala change forever the instant they saw each other. The shove into the Strike's cockpit by Murrue Ramius on Kira started his involvment in the war.

Gundam Seed Ep13

This ep 13 shows the intense sacrifice made by the 8th Fleet of the Earth Alliance Forces so the Archangel can safely descend back to Earth. Super intense fighting. Shows the huge disparity between the power of Zaft and EAF. Just four mobile suits and a little more managed to destroy an entire Fleet.

Gundam Seed Ep 14

A recap of the earlier episodes. A little on a nuclear weapons debate. Athrun Zala (who is my favourite anime character) gives a presentation on the capabilities of the captured Earth Alliance Gundams. History of the Coordinators also articulated by Rau Le Creuset.

Gundam Seed Ep 27

Engineer Erica Simmons from Orb speculates the existence of a "Seed" theory. History and structure of Gundams explained.

Quote "The weapon that could dominate outer space would eventually control the direction of the war. Such a weapon had to be more mobile than a fighter, more heavily armoured than a tank and possess the firepower of a battleship to allow it to survive in the most hostile of conditions."

A statement that could probably come through in the near future.


Argentosoma Ep 10

Storyline very similar to Evangelion (1995). A private military organisation, Funeral is commissioned to stop aliens from reaching Pilgrimage Point. This particular alien, Type G4 seems to be impervious to all methods employed by the SARGs. Ryu Soma heads the innovative Operation "Tuning Fork" to stop it!

Be aware that the audio/video is out of sync.


Ghost in the Shell: SAC Ep 14

Imagine a money-investing computer program?

Quote "This city is haunted by a spectre. The spectre of capitalism."

Ghost in the Shell: SAC Ep 17

Chief of Japan's Public Security Section 9 Aramaki and his old friend are taken hostage in a British wine bank/cellar. Wine speculation huh? Quite creative investment instrument.


Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd Gig Ep 4

A pilot of a state-of-the-art Jigabachi Wasp Advance helicopter suddenly suffers a heart attack and dies during a training exercise. The onboard AI computer steps in to take control but refuses to comply with a withdrawal order as his cyberbrain is still active. It believes its under attack and uses this assumption to justify its hacking into the computer systems of other helicopters. They prepare to launch an attack on a "suspected" enemy. Its up to Section 9 to stop these machines before they cause anymore damage.

Just like an action scene from a Hollywood movie!

Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd Gig Ep 10

Lawsuit against Togusa. The most "natural" member in the entire Section 9 outfit. Talks about discrimination against cyborgs. The judiciary of the future.

Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd Gig Ep 18

Section 9 is involved in the capture of an international terrorist. Future terror tactics and police capture being aided by technology. Interpol and the terrorist of the future!

The ending is quite sad though.


Gundam 00 Season 1 Ep 15 (Japanese)

The Human Reform League, Union and Advanced European Union mount a combined capture-attack operation on Celestial Being's Gundams. Fighting in its largest scale in this entire season.


Evangelion Ep 6 (Japanese)

A cubic fortress-strong Angel attempts to attack Nerv's underground headquarters by drilling! NERV uses the Evas and an electricity-hungry positron gun to defeat it.

Evangelion Ep 13

An Angel comprised of nanomachines hack into Nerv's supercomputers. Very fast-paced!



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