Friday, May 02, 2008

9:17 pm

General 12: 3 Disappointments

Took our Chem lecture test today. And as with all the other Chem tests before it, I think I am bound to repeat my failing streak. My Chem teacher threatened that those who failed will have to attend a "No end" class at 3.30pm every Thursday to take retests and regurgitate all the equations and mechanisms. As much as I do not want it, it will be for my own good. So my complaints will stop here.

I did badly for that Internet security GP essay. Got only 24.5/50. Thats the lowest so far this year. The teacher exclaimed that it had lots of interesting ideas and examples but I was too carried away that I sidetracked from the main issue. Obviously an out-of-point essay. Ahhh.... Nvm, its over now, I will try harder next time.


Next disappointment leh?? Not something that I will bring out here. But its so SERIOUS that I better nip it in the bud before it gets worse.

For some reason during GP lesson, some nutcase snapped a photo of Yanyu and I being in "close proximity" with each other. Then you know lah, this kind of thing spread very fast. The advances in handphone technology certainly did not help me in this regard. In just a matter of minutes, that picture was bluetoothed (yes, this is a verb now) around.

Please lah!!! Who to know better that there is nothing between Yanyu and me. That picture was snapped at that moment when she asked me a question and I leaned closer to her to hear. Only about 3 seconds, yet a freeze frame of that moment inferred all the wrong ideas to those who saw it.

I dun care who that photographer was, or whether he/she was actually the first one that saw that opportunity in the first place. I just hate it when such stuff and rumours are spread around like this. Both the guys and girls in my class are equally at fault!

Let me clarify please. Yanyu is just one of my closest female friends in NYJC. She is neither my girlfriend nor do I have any intentions on her in the foreseeable future. I know, people will gossip when we are together (this has even gone as far as journalism) but isn't that very common with friends??? I'm sure guys and girls mix around quite freely this days, so whats wrong with that?

Yeah I know, that Pulau Bukom trip we went (with 30 other NYJCians) did restarted the gossips. In fact, I am not hiding it. I went with her (and some others) on several other occasions to attend exhibitions and talks and I am not hesitating to list them out here.

1. Science Symposium at ACJC (March 07, with Wei Liang and Yingyu)
2. Science Carnival (8 November 07)
3. Pulau Bukom trip (20 February 08)
4. NTU Econs Seminar (8 March 08, with Hong Hao)
5. NUS Open House (15 March 08, with Chuen Hwee)

Please dun misconstrue this as dates as many of my classmates have done. Its just that we have similar interests, whether its the desire to gain more knowledge or otherwise. Before you start having ideas, think, aren't your friends also having similar interests as you? Its natural for people to be closer to those who are similar to them, so whats wrong with this?

I treat her like a sister and that stops there. No more than that. So please stop. Especially to the two main perpetrators, Cindy and Weimin plus maybe more. Things like "husband and wife", "very compatible" and "third party" seems to be coming out the most from their mouths.

Not just me, its such rumours that can really spoil cross-gender friendships (NOT RELATIONSHIPS hor!). So please, I beg all of you to stop. Not that I am an intolerant person, but such stuff really imposes alot of unnecessary stress and irritation to all parties involved.

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