Thursday, April 03, 2008

6:52 pm

Gym + tag replies

I exercised at the gym for the first time today! I know this may sound lame and even shocking for some. After all, I simply do not "look" and "think" like those who go to the gym. The stereotype that people place on me and the way I have accepted it for so long probably resulted in the remarks I got.

No choice mah. I failed my NAPFA screening tests so badly. My 2.4km run, sit-ups and standing broad jumps are far from the minimum pass (silver) requirements. The rest are borderline cases. I have to do something about it! I dowan the extra 3 months BMT. But I sure dunno if this is too little too late!


The war apparently has not ended. So as the blog owner, I have the obligation to add my own comments.

From this, it has shown that many people have the instinct to voice their own opinions. They just need an issue to spark it off. They would even take the initiative to support what they think is right, even at the cost of their time and with no potential rewards to them. And that, is what I respect of all of you taggers out there. Yes, and that includes "someone".

The extra tags while I was absent on my tagboard. For more tags, please see part 1 and part 2.

1 Apr 08, 22:39 (
someone: lol i m in the same sec sch as u. AMKSS

1 Apr 08, 23:02
listener: oh yea? whats your name ? i am frm AMKss too

1 Apr 08, 23:04
kwek: (someone) since u are from the same sec sch as km, then u should not need to hide behind a false identity i guess.

1 Apr 08, 23:05
listener: u are falling into a pit... >.<

2 Apr 08, 21:35
Chwee: sry abit irritated. what is your purpose in letting ykm know that u are from the same sec sch as him, a tease?, a challenge to unravel ur identity perhaps. what do you hope to achieve? nothing persona

2 Apr 08, 23:43
cindy: lolz.. getting lame.. ==~.. but at least there's more life on this tag board now..

My replies:

someone: You from AMKSS??? Bullshit! I have not told many AMKsians about the existence of this blog. Those who know about it are just my close friends. And its unlikely they will tell others about it. After all, it was just created barely a year ago.

Since you claimed you are/were from AMKSS, prove it! And I have some questions here you better answer correctly. Dun bother searching Google for the answers as they are stuff that most AMKsians will know that are not (easily) found online.

1. Who was the Student Council president for 2005-2006? What was her nickname? Which class was she from?

2. How many triple-science classes are there?

3. Which teacher is in charge of CCAs? Stating his nickname is a bonus.

4. Who is the top scorer for my school's O-levels in 2006? What are his grades for all the subjects?

5. How are our Houses named?

6. What is the computer lab no. that have all the iMac computers? Where floor is it on?

7. Which classroom block is closer to the parade square? Upper sec or lower sec?

8. Which floor is the library on? What is below it? This is a hint.

9. A food poisoning case occurred in our school. What was the outcome of the investigation? How did this affect the canteen owners after it for that year?

10. Since you claim to know me, What were my last-held positions in my CCAs? Which House was I from? What colour is it?

[Other AMKSS people reading this. Please do not answer.]

You may not be able to answer all of them. But answering most of them could probably add credibility to your words. You wanna play a game??? This is how u better play it!

All the rest except cindy: You are all hammering in exactly the same direction. Its good that you all are piling pressure on "someone's" conscience and I respect that. But having seen what has happened, I doubt he/she will reveal it anytime soon. No point ranting about it when the person does not feel obligated to do so.

cindy: More life on my tagboard? My tagboard is quite lively in the first place. But thanks to this few people, its more attention then I can ever ask for!

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