Thursday, April 03, 2008

10:20 pm

The end I promise

Edit 1 (4/4 10.05pm): Other taggers are free to tag now.

U got most of the questions correct. I really believe you now. Now let me mark your answers you gave below.

3 Apr 08, 21:05 (
someone: 1)mei yan 4/2 2)1 tri sci 3) mr ling, potato ling??? nt very sure 4)gabriel all As except eng A2 Chn B3 5) respect intergrity compassion creativity harmony 6) 2nd floor com lab 3

3 Apr 08, 21:07 (
someone: 7) lower sec if i still rmb correctly 8) 3rd floor below staff rm??? 9) stomach flu, canteen stalls closed for tt yr 10) creatvity green house 4/2 but forgot abt ur positions alr =)

3 Apr 08, 21:08 (
someone: anyway up to u to believe if i m a amkssian

1. Who was the Student Council president for 2005-2006? What was her nickname? Which class was she from?

Mei Yan from 4/2. aka ... (domestic matter, cannot reveal) Correct!

2. How many triple-science classes are there?

1 class which is 4/5 in my year. Correct!

3. Which teacher is in charge of CCAs? Stating his nickname is a bonus.

Mr Ling. Nicknamed potato. Correct!

4. Who is the top scorer for my school's O-levels in 2006? What are his grades for all the subjects?

Gabriel with all A1s except EL A2 and CL B3. Correct!

5. How are our Houses named?

By the RIC3H values. Respect, Integrity, Commitment, Compassion, Creativity and Harmony.
You missed out Commitment but I still give you CORRECT for answering so many right.

6. What is the computer lab no. that have all the iMac computers? Where floor is it on?

This is a trick question. AMKSS does not have full iMac computer labs. Although 2nd floor com lab 3 indeed has an Apple G5. WRONG!

7. Which classroom block is closer to the parade square? Upper sec or lower sec?

Lower Sec. CORRECT!

8. Which floor is the library on? What is below it? This is a hint.

3rd floor with staff room on the 2nd. CORRECT

9. A food poisoning case occurred in our school. What was the outcome of the investigation? How did this affect the canteen owners after it for that year?

No outcome, it was an open verdict (by lawyer's terms). The canteen stalls were closed till the end of the year. CORRECT.

10. Since you claim to know me, What were my last-held positions in my CCAs? Which House was I from? What colour is it?

Vice-chairperson of IT Club and Assistant Quartermaster of NCC (Air). I was in 4/2 but was in the black Commitment house. Did you confuse me with Jason from 2/3, 4/1 who is in the green house? WRONG.

Well, you got 8/10.(My answers may not all be correct.) Really impressive. I believe you are really an AMKsian if you answered these questions so perfectly. I apologise if I treated you so aggressively. Perhaps its time to reveal who you are? If not, I will not pursue it further. All other taggers, please CEASE your tags on this issue.

32 tags on this issue is more than enough. But that does not mean I do not welcome more.


3 Apr 08, 20:51
killerzephyr: Excellent, you remebered LOADS abt the field trip. So we do have stuff to say abt the trip after all. Oi, and did you have to take a photo of me in one of my not-so-glam moments?

3 Apr 08, 20:56
killerzephyr: As for the nitwit spewing a great deal of crap all over your tagboard, why not simply leave him/her alone? Replying to him/her shows u care abt what he/she says.

3 Apr 08, 20:58
killerzephyr: Which is what he/she wants: attention. Never argue with idiots, they just drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.

3 Apr 08, 21:10
Zen: Haha unglam meh? Lols yeah agree with her on the tagboard thing though. Be happy that there are people defending you but really you wanna end this, juz shut up XD

killerzephyr: I remembered so many stuff because it was in my area on interest! Thats why it was a sneaked photo mah. haha

This post will be last reply, after that, I'm leaving him/her alone. Care? Yeah, I thought so too. Must be the influence of debates where we are forced to hold our stand and argue till one side goes down.

Zen: Nothing to Zen is unglam, right? I'm shutting up now.

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