Friday, April 11, 2008

11:06 pm

Debates + PW and block test results

Before I start, I would first apologise to my loyal blog readers for this 5-day long unexpected haitus. I was very busy preparing for the A Division National debates which will start tomorrow.

Trainings occurred almost everyday till about 7.30pm leaving me not much time to update this blog. Having just completed the stuff I need to say as the first speaker, I finally can take a breather now.

For tomorrow, we will be proposing the motion "This House believes that sports and politics are a toxic combination" against Tampines JC at their home ground in the afternoon. There will also be another impromptu round at the later part of the day. To top things off, there will be another two impromptu debates next Saturday.

So sianz... Last year not so stress, only one prepared and one impromptu in a single day. I dunno which nutcase decided to have so many rounds spread over two days. Personally, I rather have all the 4 debates in a single day. Tiring as it may be, but at least, we can clear it quick.

I took this picture yesterday. 2 J1s knocked out, one still surviving. I will be the first speaker for the prepared round and Hon Ding (middle) will be the second with Ben being third as usual.

The other two will be our reserves. Nevertheless, they have helped us alot by being the our dummy opposition team. Its highly probable that they will speak in the other impromptu rounds to let them gain experience.

Sighs.. A few hours from the event and I still feel nervous. But nvm, I shall persevere. Its near the end, and I shall make it as meaningful as possible.

Finally, we need supporters. If you are free in this two days, please come and support. You may get free refreshments during the tea breaks! haha.

I just received my PW results a few hours ago and I got a B!!! But its quite average lah. Everybody in my class got B except for 6 Cs.

For those who did not get what they had expected, remember, the PW grade only comprises a small percentage of your total A-level result. Work hard for the other subjects, and this setback will seem very minor compared to your overall success. I aimed for an A ( who doesn't?), though I did not get it, it does serves as a form of motivation for me to strive even harder considering my dismal block tests results. (See next section).

Anyway, our CT told us that the 17% of the NY cohort got A. Thats not very good comparing to the numbers of As other JCs have. I will not state the figures as I cannot confirm them.

This 17% is very misleading too. I have heard that one class got about 70% As (probably 0727). Maybe its because of them, plus a few dribs and drabs scattered around the campus that contributed to this measly percentage. The rest of the classes did not not get an equal share of As.

I'm also very pissed with some people getting the grades they do not deserve and vice-versa. The freeloaders got such good grades despite putting only negligible effort into the subject with exception to the Oral Presentation. And yet, the most hardworking group in my class got most of the Cs.

Even before we received our grades, I had already told one of their members that I had silently hoped they would get the As. Its only right that the amount of effort they put in should commensurate with the results they get. In fact, what we have seen is that the opposite has happened. After all, it has to be entirely due to the Written Report for that to happen. And who else but an anonymous school teacher who have written them off.

My group of four held the remaining two Cs. I can roughly understand the reasons of this disparity but I will not elaborate about it.

It strangely seems that many of my close friends in NY got Cs. I dunno why, an abnormal statistical coincidence perhaps. Deep down, I know all of you have done your best in the effort of securing the best results. So dun despair, the majority of the A-Level components are still waiting for your to grasp. Dun let this minor setback distract your from your ultimate goal.

Good luck!


I got back the block tests results a few days ago. Our CT Mr Pun kindly printed out a copy of our results to check although we roughly know already lah. Readers from other NY classes, dun be jealous!

With the exception of Chemistry, I said I would have done pretty well across all the subjects based on the percentile alone. However, you have to note, most of the cohort did not put in effort, coupled with the lack of time, produced these results.

Cases in point, I got 90th percentile for H1 Econs despite getting an E! The number of U graders for H2 Maths is so huge that it can be separated into three categories, U1, U2 and U3 for specific lecture groups. How bad can the cohort do?

All of my absolute results have dropped in relation to the promos. The only notable exception is my GP which improved tremendously. But dun read too much into it, its due to pure luck.

Now lets look at the top scorer in my class.

Chek Keng attained the triple A battery although it was tarnished by the grades of the H1 subjects. His results are almost the exact opposite of mine. My strongest subjects are his weakest subjects. To CK, I feel that you really deserve your results considering the amount of hard work you put in.

However, do remember not to neglect your H1 subjects even if you may not like them. Try to maintain and strengthen your current relationships with your friends in the process.


To end of, let me lift your spirits with something different.

The jokers in my GP group for today played around with the gadgets I brought in my pencil case.

They created this dunno aeroplane/space battleship lookalike.

Recognise most of them? The full list of tools I have is on the left banner, thats a clue. Yup, thats all, all the best to myself for the A-division debates tomorrow!

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